Photo depicts Maya Caldwell burning Cayetano sign

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow)
Aug 23, 2012 8:00 PM

Photo depicts Maya Caldwell burning Cayetano sign -, Jim Caldwell, Redondo Beach

The daughter of Honolulu mayoral candidate Kirk Caldwell has some explaining to do her father.

Hawaii News Now has obtained photos showing two girls setting fire to a Ben Cayetano campaign sign. Caldwell has confirmed that one of the girls in the photo is his 18-year-old daughter, Maya.

Photo depicts Maya Caldwell burning Cayetano sign -, Jim Caldwell, Redondo Beach

One of the photos, which were posted to the social networking application Instagram, shows Maya, using a lighter, and a friend — seen holding a bong — lighting the signs on fire. The other photo, in which a girl appears to throw a Cayetano campaign sign but Maya Caldwell is not actually seen, is captioned “bestest frwens a gurl cud have” [sic] by the Instagram user @mayacaldwell.

The photos have since been removed from Instagram.

When asked for his response to the incident, Kirk Caldwell expressed his disappointment in Maya and said that he planned on having a serious “father-daughter” talk with her Thursday night.

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When questioned about the incidence, former Gov. Cayetano handled the situation with some common sensibility and political class,  kids will be kids and use it as a life’s learning lesson.  What a classy response.  Way to go Ben.
Jim Caldwell
Redondo Beach


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