Lahaina News: Archie Kalepa inducted into Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame

September 6, 2012

LAHAINA – There is a new wave of Hawaiian patriots dedicating their lives to the cause of promoting their cherished culture in and beyond the 21st century.

They are language mentors, kumu hula, musicians and authors paying forward the spirit of the Polynesian generations that have set the precedent and formed the foundation of the breath of life of these islands. They are modern day peaceful warriors.

Among these soldiers of aloha are the renowned watermen and waterwomen that have carved unique and ongoing chapters into the history of Hawaii led by the greatest of all, Duke Kahanamoku.

Archie Kalepa inducted into Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame - Lahaina News - Jim Caldwell Rdondo Beach

It is in the spirit of the Duke that the Outrigger Duke Kahanamoku Foundation (ODKF) founded The Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame to create a lasting tribute to the islands’ water sports legacy and honor the achievements of the standout athletes.

It is in this spirit that fifth-generation Lahaina resident Archie Kalepa was recently honored with his induction into The Hawaii Waterman Hall of Fame at a ceremony at the Outrigger Canoe Club.

Kalepa, the first and only person from Maui to be so honored, was inducted in this ceremony alongside Brian Keaulana, Ricky Grigg and Michael Tongg, joining such legendary figures as Duke Kahanamoku, Eddie Aikau, Buffalo Keaulana, Fred Hemmings, Wally Froiseth, Rell Sunn and Nainoa Thompson in the Hall of Fame.

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