Code Red Full Movie – Surfing Goes Huge At Teahupoo Tahiti

Billabong’s Code Red Full Movie – Surfing Goes Huge At Teahup’oo Tahiti probably is the best combined footage of Chopes, on what many (read ‘hype’) call the Biggest day ever.  In any case, Teahupoo was huge and the video is awesome.  The video combines some of Chris Bryan’s amazing Phantom 720p Teahupoo footage.

When there’s large surf, Teahupo’o’s reef break is one of the most dangerous that can be surfed.  One of the pictures below (click on any to enlarge) shows Teahupo’o’s shallow, razor sharp reef.  The shallow reef, combined with large surf doesn’t leave much margin for error.

Looking for more Chopes, checkout Laird Hamilton’s Teahupoo, the ride that changed surfing history or more video and pictures of TeahupooGarrett McNamara did a great grab of Sean Collins Article on The Mechanics of Teahupo’o.  Collins does a fantastic job describing and showing why Teahupo’o has the break it does.



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