Donald Takayama, Legendary Surfer/Shaper , RIP 1944-2012

By Eddie Solt Jr

Easy Reader: Donald Takayama dies October 2012

Legendary Surfer/Shaper and Hermosa Beach Walk of Fame Inductee Donald Takayama passed away today. A central figure of the South Bay surf scene during the Golden Age of the 1960s, Takayama worked, surfed, and innovatived surfboard designs for Velzy, Jacobs, Bing, and Weber.

“Donald was the Dick Brewer of the early 60s while working for Jacobs and Bing,” Mike Purpus said. “He was the innovator and best shaper of the three stringer, a design that would be picked up on later by Mike Hynson and Skip Frye with the G&S Red fin.”

His handy work was felt and ridden under the feet of Jacobs, Bing, and Weber teamriders like Miki Dora, Lance Carson, and David Nuuhiwa. With his popular signature models, Takayama was no stranger to the podium. “I swear, every final of the USA AAA division it was always Me, Corky, and Donald,” said Purpus.

Tune in to an exculsive feature and pictorial in celebration of Donald Takayama by Mike Purpus in the November issue of Drop Zone.


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