Melling Wins 2012 Vans World Cup of Surfing

Melling gets two for one

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Adam Melling wins a razor-thin final heat in his first Vans World Cup at Sunset Beach, Hawaii

Vans World Cup of Surfing champion Adam Melling was exhausted and elated on the winner’s stage. The 27-year-old Australian was still trying to get a grasp on his fortuitous situation. He surfed four heats Tuesday on his way to winning the World Cup of Surfing, $40,000 and requalification for the 2013 World Championship Tour.

Furthermore, Melling’s win vaulted him to No. 2 in the overall Vans Triple Crown of Surfing ranking.

“Surreal, I can’t believe it happened,” Melling said of his victory and tour requalification. “It’s been a crazy day.”

Melling was on point yesterday — literally and figuratively. He picked off a barrel deep off of Sunset Point and linked two cutties for a 6.83 out of a possible 10 points. Then he improved his score with a 9.33 — a powerful display of rail-to-rail surfing. Melling’s style was perfect for the 3- to 5-foot surf, and the conditions reminded him of Australia.

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