Greg Long talks about 3-wave hold-down

Greg Long talks about 3-wave hold-down

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Long helicoptered to San Diego medical center after Cortes Bank wipeout

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 December, 2012 : – – San Clemente surfer Greg Long took a beating at Cortes Bank late Friday afternoon, a wipeout so bad that he needed to be airlifted by a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter to UCSD Medical Center in San Diego, according to Billabong big-wave spokesman Bill Sharp.

Billabong XXL’s Bill Sharp said: “To make a very long story short, Greg is OK, we just got a full rundown from him as he is being released from UCSD Medical Center after being airlifted by a US Coast Guard helicopter from Cortes Bank last night following a late afternoon wipeout. He got pounded after taking off deep behind another surfer on a big one, and ultimately suffered a three-wave hold-down, blacking out near the end, but being pulled out by DK Walsh and Frank Quirarte on skis.”

Most recently, Billabong XXL issued the following first-hand account by Long on their Facebook page. Greg Long stated:

Thank you to the entire community of friends, family and well-wishers for your concern, your outpouring of love, support and prayers, following the serious wipeout I experienced while surfing at the Cortes Bank on Friday, December 21st.

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Garrett McNamara’s account:

Cortes Bank – What really happened!

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 December, 2012 : – – I have yet to receive a call or email from anyone asking for a statement regarding the events that took place at Cortez. People have inquired why I refuse to talk and that is not the truth at all. Below is my statement.

What happened at Cortes Bank this December 22nd was very scary, and I’m still sifting through some thoughts about what occurred.   I’m so sorry this happened, and thankful that Greg is safe and healthy.  If I could turn back time, I’d make sure we either didn’t take off on the same wave, or gladly be the inside rider taking the pounding.

Communication can be sketchy between surfers in situations like the one Greg and I found ourselves in, and this experience has challenged me to find more ways for big wave surfers to stay safe while surfing giant waves.  I’ve spoken with Greg several times and corresponded via e-mail before, during and after.

Clearly, this hasn’t been easy for either of us, and I look forward to continuing the dialogue with him around safety in and out of the water.  Greg is an outstanding athlete, and a leader in a very elite group of surfers.

People have asked for my side of the story, here it is…

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