Protecting and developing Oahu’s famous North Shore

Jan 13, 2013

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Turtle Bay Resort North Shore Oahu

NORTH SHORE, Hawaii – Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of the island of Oahu in Hawaii has a guiding philosophy for its future – “Tomorrow’s Ahupua’a.” Ancient Hawaiians used a concept of land division, called an ahupua’a, which is a section of land from the mountain to the sea. The ancient ahupua`a was based on a belief system that emphasized the interrelationship and balance of the natural elements and the beings that lived and worked there.

Turtle Bay Resort respects this belief system and understands that the North Shore experience is about the social and cultural vitality tied so closely to precious coastal lands. The resort worked on a plan for future development and drafted and published a State Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) on November 23, 2012; information is available at: . This newly-inspired plan is grounded in these traditional land divisions, ahupua‘a, and most of the proposed density and activity will be focused in the resort’s existing core and then sprinkled throughout the area in order to maintain ample open space.

In response to extensive community dialogue, the proposed plan reflects a strong and genuine commitment to provide valuable, sustainable community
benefits (affordable housing; jobs; preservation of agricultural lands, parks and open space), addressing resident concerns (traffic management, protection of natural and cultural resources), in a responsible way.

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