Peter Mel Wins Mavericks


Today was not death-defying Maverick’s. There were no multiple-wave hold-downs. No dramatic rescues. No one swept off the jetty. Only one broken board. (Rusty Long, heat one.) It was so lully, in fact, that the second (50-minute) heat of the day only saw about three waves ridden. There were moments bobbing around out in the bright, blue, warm Pacific where you’d have been forgiven for not even knowing a surf contest was happening. Lake Havasu comes to NorCal, minus the frat boys and girls gone wild.

Until a set came, that is. At which point it became at least a little death-defying — in a beautiful, glassy, peeling kind of way. It was the kind of day one might

decide to borrow someone’s nine-footer and paddle out and try catch a few. “This was exactly the kind of day I remember seeing it as a kid,” Mav’s pioneer Jeff Clark told Pete Mel after Pete won the event. “I figured it had to be rideable.”
Great photo spread at Surfline
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